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LA Knights – Psychoanalyze

LA Knights like to rock the old school metal sound, that’s for sure.

12694846_979566818796532_7756152599510433507_o‘Devil On My Heels’ channels many classic metal sounds from the vaults – a little Sabbath, a hint of Maiden – making their sound easy to engage with from the start. This is metal for true metal lovers who enjoy a good dose of nostalgia – it doesn’t push the envelope, but rather serves as a reminder of why those of us loved it the first time around found ourselves so wrapped up in it. ‘Dance’ offers a catchy riff that leads in to the track’s thrash rhythm that powers along without any concern for the listener – it’s a case of get strapped in and come along for the ride, or get seriously left behind. The title track ‘Psychoanalyze’ doesn’t change the mould, and as a result by the time you’ve worked through the three songs offered on the EP, it’s clear that LA Knights have a defined sound and a particular approach to songwriting and delivery. It’s not going to be much of a challenge, although Coldplay fans might find it to be something of a stretch for their delicate ears. All in all, what we have here are three beefy tracks delivered with confidence that are sure to inspire some nostalgia for classic metal sounds.

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