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Lara Mrgic – Shades

Minimalist and packed with emotional depth, ‘Shades’ is an ideal entry point to Lara Mrgic’s sound. Underpinned with a sparse beat and wide backdrop of sprawling tones, it’s the kind of track you might put on when it’s time to wind down and reflect on how the day has gone. Lara’s voice draws the listener in, moving from long drawn out vocalisations to moody, coquettish speech. It’s knowingly flirty, half nudge-nudge-wink-wink and half achingly romantic, with her sexy femme fatale aesthetic creating an incomplete narrative that leaves the listener to get lost in their own imagination. Certainly there are shades of early Lana Del Rey, Solange, and Jessie Ware here – those smoky, sultry tones that feel oh so good and every so slightly dangerous, as though you just might be unwittingly heading heart first into a trap. If it is a trap, it’s got to be the best kind: that lethal beauty that lulls you to the point of drifting away on clouds of sonic bliss, only to find that you have suddenly passed the point of no return and have been caught in Lara Mrgic’s clutches. And when it’s this euphoric, why on earth would you want anything else? Just turn it on and let the music carry you away to wherever it chooses to take you.

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