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Leo Salom – Shades Of Faith

Leo Salom - Shades Of FaithFrom the opening elements of Leo Salom’s Shades Of Faith, there is a comforting warmth to the minimalism that runs through the three tracks on offer. ‘Much Better’ begins with a synth wash which takes its time to unfold and gradually reveal a weightiness that is then found in the pulsing beat that kicks in. In true minimalist fashion, the beat doesn’t insist on sticking around, but sensitively draws away at key points to allow the track to breathe and for other parts to step to the forefront. Reversed cymbals flow in and out, while distant synth stabs create a dark but cosy feeling, punctuating the track and keeping it on course. ‘Desire’ continues in the same vein, with more of that deep and brooding tone which then gives way to a powerful dance beat that makes for a perfect club sound to get bodies dancing. Aesthetically what makes Leo Salom’s sound distinctive is the particular use of reverb on certain elements, which creates a sense of space and depth throughout every moment. This is made all the more apparent on ‘Long Nights’, which takes a classic dubsteb backdrop and places a honking, brassy melody over the top. It’s deep and dark, and certainly the kind of minimalist tunes that are required during the sleepy bus ride home at 2am after the club beats have finished rocking you.

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