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LiJames The Chosen – For The Love Of Music


The new mixtape from LiJames The Chosen lays it all down with big beats and strong rhymes.

‘What A Shame’ kicks things off with a big political rant, reeling off a dissatisfaction with national leaders and figureheads, underpinned with a vintagey sounding backing track, while ‘Looking Out My Window’ puts a skewed vocal sample to good use, with haunting strings that create a tension which plays well with the confident raps.

For The Love Of Music doesn’t shy away from making a statement, and not least on ‘Child Slavery’ which stands up and speaks out against global injustice. As a track, it’s a well produced piece that blends samples with a strong flow and rousing chorus section. It’s a track that really should be put to good use it raising awareness of the issues it points out.

‘Life Is Beautiful’ takes a glacial piano and blends it with some uplifting strings, while LiJames raps his heart out, barely stopping to take a breath at points; “Life’s simple, why you miserable? / Life is beautiful.”

Mixing it up a bit, ‘I’ll Get By’ features guest vocals from Kay’Vion, which adds some depth and soul to the track that tells a compelling life story and holds the attention throughout.

With more of a smooth, lounge feel, ‘Chocolate Girl’ dials it down a bit, while ‘Knowledge Is Power’ uses a clear cutting snare to emphasise the raps that continue to make their strong points – these are tracks with a message being clearly communicated.

Go ahead and check out For The Love Of Music from LiJames The Chosen.


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