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Lil Red – Just Can’t


The internet is filled with aspiring hip-hop artists trying to get heard. These days, a rapper doesn’t have long to catch a little attention, so what does Lil Red have going on to get noticed?

Taking ‘Just Can’t’ as a first example, the snares are tight and the rapping is smooth, with a style that blends soulful crooning with street smarts.

‘She Want The D’, however, kicks things up a gear with some nice production elements – vocal stutters and delays, woozy organ tones, and sexy female background tones. The song itself is pretty filthy, at points it feels like something for teenagers to giggle at, and it could use more clarity in terms of which way it’s trying to go between displaying a sense of seriousness or a sense of humour.

‘Feelin Great’ sticks to the same formula in many ways, maintaining the interesting production elements, with vocal tone drops and a smattering of dubstep influences with some all out volume drop-outs which add punctuation to the track.

Lil Red’s tracks are available as a free download, so what have you got to lose?

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