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Lisa Thompson – Not Guilty

Lisa Thompson’s performance of ‘Not Guilty’ is delivered with cartloads of energy and well balanced with a real attention to the track’s dynamics.

502451579_295x166There are strong references to older Hillsong tracks, particularly from the ‘Jesus, Lover Of My Soul’ era, which in all honesty makes the track feel a little out of date. Having said that, what there is to be found here is a richness in its country vibe that runs right through it. Given that most of the music that comes our way tends towards indie, hip hop and pop, religious music can sometimes feel like it sits somewhat awkwardly, but that doesn’t need to be the case. The question is more along the lines of who is this for? Once we have identified the track’s main audience – most likely bible belt Christians – then it becomes much easier to commend it to the people it is aimed at. There is sure to be some comfort and encouragement to be found in Thompson’s lyrics, which focus on reaching out to a higher power and finding the strength therein to overcome addiction, past hurt, and the shame that comes with all these things. The music is uplifting and soul soothing which brings an added dimension to the song’s sense of moving forward from past pain. There is a delicate balance found here between the solid certainty of gospel music, with the gutsiness of the classic work of Dolly Parton. The full albumĀ In His Time is available now at redemptionglobal.com

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