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London Has Fallen – Into The Night EP

London Has Fallen’s sound is a curious blend of light and dark, with Alecia Gates’ chocolatey vocals being poured over the scattered drums and unassuming tones.

Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 09.41.04‘What You Wanted’ opens the EP with a huge wallop of confidence and power, despite its somewhat misleading opening that appears to be heading in more of a softer, folky direction. Instead, we are treated to sounds that lean towards Chvrches and the Gossip. The tracks on the EP are a perfect introduction to the kind of sound that London Has Fallen create, with the clattering drums on ‘Into The Night’ flailing around while the dark synth tones build and build to create a strange sense of terror and pleasure.

The band’s name is well chosen – despite being an Illinois band, there is a healthy dose of British sound in the rocking tones that are on offer. ‘Empty Tomorrow’ maintains that slightly melancholic feel, lurching its way forward with Goth Rock elements underpinning Gates’ silky vocals, while ‘Leave Me Broken’ shifts from merely melancholic to full on tear jerking sadness, and it’s entirely delicious.

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