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Look Up – DynamoMin

When you first encounter DynamoMin’s ‘The Power Of Love (Remix)’, you’d be forgiven for thinking you might have stumbled in to the wrong room.

a1670741713_10It’s hard to know exactly what’s going on at first, but that’s in most part down to the way the music and vocals don’t quite line up together. It’s hard to identify exactly why, but things don’t quite mesh together, which is a shame because the track clearly has some real heart and passion going into it. ‘Fire From The Sky’ manages to hold itself together with more clarity, with its tumbling drums and vocals that align closely with the all too obscure Jay Tholen. ‘Blend’ takes a softer approach, with a warm wash of synth tones and keyboard stabs that ripple and begin to break apart, while ‘New Start’ takes the sounds of WHAM’s ‘Faith’ and creates its own groove. Title track ‘Look Up’ invites the listener to do just that, offering the opportunity to be thoughtful and consider what else lies beyond our small fragile earth. Look Up is made available on a pay what you like basis, so it’s available for anyone to get hold of no matter what they might be able to afford.

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