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Lore City – Kill Your Dreams

Lore City’s latest album, Kill Your Dreams is awash with shoegazey reverb and a darkness of tone that constantly shifts to allow glimmers of light to shine through.

Lore City - Kill Your DreamsOpening track ‘Gone Past’ is a suitable example, sounding somewhere between My Bloody Valentine and The Besnard Lakes, particularly on the distant, drawn out vocal that soars forlornly amidst the single bass beat and glacial synth wash. It’s on ‘Hush’, however’, that Lore City show their capabilities in creating a track that is tense and wiry, packed full with content while doing it all, seemingly, with one hand behind their back. The guitars are hip to the Nth degree, and the beats carry an eerie, world music feel with them. While Kill Your Dreams might easily be described as a one trick pony, that would be shortsighted. Even where ‘Glitter On The Garbage’ follows a similar pattern to most of the rest of the album, the beauty is to be found in the creative nuances where the sprawling tones are layered together. Lore City’s latest is what you might want to call an album’s album – in the age of the downloaded single, Kill Your Dreams is a record that demands to be judged on the sum of its parts, and it’s well worth taking the time with it to get all youu can out of this rich, dense, and delightful set of songs.

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