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Lunatic Souk – Alchimista de la Calle

VibrantĀ and bright, Lunatic Souk’s ‘Alchimista de la Calle’ is music that paints all the colours of the rainbow.

lunatic-souk-cover-may1A joyous mix of flamenco and mariachi music, there are other aspects to the track that make it so intriguing. Take the bass for example, which follows quite traditional rock styles to give the track a solid foundation while the other instruments dance playfully above it. Linda Ruiz’s vocals are mature and confident, adding a certain amount of grit to the music. There is certainly nothing throwaway about this recording, despite the level of what could easily be considered as frivolous fun, but when so much music is taking itself so seriously, there is definitely some room for a little bit of enjoyment. Musically, ‘Alchimista de la Calle’ is a tight piece of instrumentation, with clear professionalism running through it, as well as being backed up by an outstanding music video with high production standards. This is exactly the kind of song to add to your summer’s soundtrack – add it to the barbecue playlist, stick it on in the car, and rinse every list moment of enjoyment you possibly can out of its four minutes of pure joy.

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