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Madelyn Victoria – Hold On

Madelyn Victoria - Hold OnHailing from the deep south of Texas, Madelyn Victoria’s songwriting career started when she was just 13 years old. Unsurprisingly, her music features a healthy dose of country, with her vocal truly drenched in that deep melancholy tone that sends shivers down your spine. Comparisons with Shania Twain and Sheryl Crow might be slightly lazy but no less fair, as Madelyn’s voice certainly recalls elements of those familiar vocalists. ‘Hold On’ is an ideal introduction to her writing and vocal style – classic Americana laced with a bluesy rock vibe. With a distinctive sound, many elements of the track bring up all kinds of reminders of music from the past, particularly songs from R.E.M.’s classic Out Of Time, a record that was full to the brim with deep south sounds such as ‘Country Feedback’ and ‘Me In Honey’. Where Madelyn Victoria stands out from the crowd, however, is her upbeat attitude and positive tone. Where so often country music is laced with sadness to the point of dragging you down with it, Madelyn’s music has a joyful feel to it that lifts up the listener and invites you to look up and over the challenges that might surround you. Be it on a road trip, or having a quiet night in, ‘Hold On’ is a song suitable for all kinds of occasions and is sure to lift your spirits.

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