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Magazine Gap – In Two Minds

London based Magazine Gap take their name from a main route in Hong Kong, emphasising the fact that two of the band members both grew up there despite never meeting until they were living in London.

‘In Two Minds’ starts with the kind of easy listening vibe that is likely to divide audiences, which is no bad thing when looking to reach and develop an audience. Who wants to make music that’s going to appeal to everyone when you can carve out a clear area of interest? That said, this is a track that offers a comfort blanket of sound – from the warm embrace of the cosy bass to the glacial piano notes that flutter atop that deep bed of sound, Magazine Gap have produced a song that aims to reach out and draw you in. Once the vocals reach their emotional apex, the track comes to life just as a barnacle opens up when the tide comes in over the rocks after waiting for so long.

As a three piece, the band has crafted their own sound with clear intention and care, with each element standing firmly in its place – never any one stepping over another, but rather working together to contribute towards one coherent whole.

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