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Magniz – Music


After a spoken word introduction, the album gets going with ‘Staying Wid It’, a sharp and snappy track with a hot snare leading the beat.

It’s upbeat, fresh, and modern sounding with female backing vocals and a confident flow. Tonally things stay interesting, with the vocals treated with some distortion at points to keep things edgy.

‘Leave Us As One’ opens with a female lead and a dark organ, before distorted guitars begin to chug, laying a foundation for Magniz’s raps. The whole track stays closer overall to its hiphop genre, using the rock themes as a way of flavouring the sound rather than being crossover or hybrid.

‘Continuum’, an instrumental, features dubstep throbs with synths and slapback delays, and a peppering of glitchy chiptune elements.

‘Feel The Power’ unloads the raps hard and fast to the point where it sounds like they might trip over themselves. It’s another darker-toned track, with some inspiring melodies alongside the vocals, while ‘Boom Bap’ introduces a horn section as it opens, leading into a total freakout of wub-wub bass, pitch shifted vocals and frenetic rapping.

Things get toned down a little on ‘Let Your Light Shine’, with a sweet piano section that lays down the backdrop for some Kanye-esque stylings and a smooth female vocal on the chorus. The album sticks with this tone here as it moves on to ‘Daydreamer’, another instrumental track featuring pianos and an insistent beat that stakes its claim at the mid-point, before cutting out as the pianos re-emerge and then easing back in for the track’s ending.

‘Bring The Artillery’ has an appropriately military tone to it, forward facing and consistent in its rhythm on both music and lyrics, while ‘It’s About Time’ draws on video game music and deep bass throbs. The final instrumental on the album, ‘Fracture’ sticks with the video game sound and throws some airy gasping vocal samples into the mix, before drawing to an energetic conclusion.

Penultimate track ‘To The Sky’ features a female vocal on the intro from La’Nique, which returns for the chorus. Her voice fits the track well, with a softness that works well in juxtaposed with the rap.

Music concludes with ‘A Monsta’, which takes a full minute of instrumental to prepare itself before any vocals appear. When they do, they are rich are varied, featuring guest vocals from Destination Mars.

Go ahead and check out Music by Magniz, for some fresh hip-hop that takes cues from many modern artists.

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