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Malachi Grant – Welcome 2 My World

malachi grant welcome to my world

“Malachi Grant is an hip hop artist with depth … His high energy music, takes the listener through feelings in life, all listeners can relate too.  His content range is an open canvas delivered with a stylishly-fresh sound.”

Opening with title track ‘Welcome 2 My World’ sets the scene, with a certain laid back wooziness to the sound. The snare cracks and the bass throbs, which Malachi Grant’s raps move effortlessly alongside the music, with a tonal variety that makes his voice easy to listen to.

‘My Life’ starts of with a dark tone, before shifting into a fresh, modern sound. The compressed bass creates an intensity, with Mike Milan’s guest vocals adds support to Grant’s flow as he lays down his rhymes.

‘Where I’m From’ has a hectic backing track, with a variety of siren sounds that create the feeling of running from the cops, and ‘G Ride’ continues with the intensity, honking and blaring while Malachi Grant raps confidently with an occasionally grizzled edge.

‘Party Ova Here’ is more stripped back in terms of its production, focussing more on the details. Stuttered, chopped vocals, a 3-note synth part sits unceasingly in the background. Some house influences creep in along the way, and the flow is tight throughout.

‘Flya Than’ feels a little more unremarkable in the context of the rest of the album, but ‘She Said’ moves towards a more R&B direction with a strong balance between thumping beats and smooth synths.

‘Have It All’ is even more of a surprise, opening with a gentle piano part, although after a short while the beats kick in and Grant’s sneering raps are daubed all over the track.

Closing with ‘So Much More’, Welcome 2 My World wraps up as a confident, modern hip-hop record.

There’s a lot to be found on here, and it’s worth giving it some time to enjoy the production. Check it out.

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