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Mango Dreamers – Mango Dreamers


With their unique style of ‘dream pop’, Mango Dreamers open up a can of sunshine with their eponymously titled debut album.

‘Every Time’ opens the album with a positive, laid back vibe, with latin percussion encouraging the tune along, while vocalist Layla Kilolu enters the mix with hints of Nina Persson of The Cardigans.

‘You Found Me’ moves in more of a lounge-jazz direction, with a lot of mood and sensuality – something of a slow-dance song – and some cheeky minor notes on the vocal.

The sunshine spills out everywhere on ‘Your Eyes’, with charming backing vocals and handclaps; “Your eyes they’re bright, they shine like diamonds in the sky / Your eyes they try to steal the innocence that’s left inside of me.”

‘Here We Are’ opens with some intriguing production, all atmospheric and airy, with a propelling guitar lead part with some darker notes that drift in and out before the vocals come in; “Here we are, in the dark / There’s no need for words / Please tell my heart, I’m vulnerable / I’m longing for your comfort.”

‘No Assembly Required’ sees some more distorted guitar work appear in the mix, which adds some real texture and tone to the otherwise summery sounds.

Mango Dreamers consistently deliver the sound of summer, and if you’re looking for some chilled out, jazz-infused ‘dream pop’, check these guys out!

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