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Mannequin – Harpy Doll

Sometimes a band comes along and presents you with a track that sums up the word brutal.

mannequin harpy dollMannequin’s music is certainly bone crushing, with its relentless drums that batter the listener into submission, and the vocals and guttural and biting, but what brings ‘Harpy Doll’ to the forefront in the midst of a lot of other music that might otherwise be much of a muchness is the detail to be found in the lyrics – should you be able to decipher them. This is to say that the song’s wording manages to use visceral poetic language in ways that are as disturbing as they are well crafted.

As far as modern metal goes, this is a strange combination of business as usual mixed with a future focus. The background synths sound dates, yet the guitars sound fresh. The harmonics are classic, yet the riffs themselves are creative and take the listener of a weird ride that straddles between carnival music (think Avenged Sevenfold’s ‘The Beast And The Harlot’) and the sound of some kind of unholy cathedral.

At its best points, ‘Harpy Doll’ is truly brutal, ready to batter anyone or anything that stands in its way. Fans of modern metal, take note.

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