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Mannequin – Science (cruci) Fiction

Mannequin are back with there latest record Science (cruci) Fiction, and its yet another dark, moody and brooding collection of tracks.

Mannequin - Science (cruci) FictionOpening with ‘Grave New World’, an instrumental introduction, the tone is set perfectly with suspense and expectation, before hurtling headlong into the brutal and unstoppable force of ‘Intelligent Malign’, with fierce vocals that tear up the landscape. The mid point’s spoken word section serves as further addition to the feeling of dark gothic horror storytelling, until the guitars come blasting back in in a way that somehow draws together the classic rock of eighties hair metal with up to the minute futuristic horrorcore. The shreds swirl around like a sonic tornado, with the constant screams stirring things up even more, all the while the deeply unsettling synth ebbs and flows in the background, adding a permanent sense of dread throughout the track’s progression. ‘Do Androids Scream’ takes a sideways turn into a harrowing churn of double kick drum powering along to create a high octane, driven track that is as unrelenting as it is a thrilling ride. The harmonised guitar riffs create an almost eastern feel in their melodies, while the powerful rhythm is sure to be a cause for a lot of head bobbing and toe tapping, making it ideal stuff for a grimy metal club to be appreciated my aficionados everywhere. The overarching dialogue that runs through the album, added to the dynamics make for a real roller coaster of an album. When things start to grown more calm, there is always a sense that anything could be around the corner. It’s an album that conveys they idea that none of us are safe, no matter how much we might seem to be sure that the coast is clear, anything could leap out at any moment. ‘Fashionista Dictatorship’ sets things up in exactly this way, opening with a glacial and soaring melody that lulls the listener into a truly false sense of security – in almost no time at all the track explodes into a brutal escalation of ferocity, drawing back quietly for breath before hurtling into a guitar riff that nods towards the work of Avenged Sevenfold. What makes the tracks of Science (cruci) Fiction so engaging is the sheer amount of time that is put into them, creating songs that seems to truly live and breathe, with dynamics that move back and forth and allow the listener to engage with them from multiple angles. Closing with ‘Cyberdrunk’ we’re treated to some dark and moody strings that lead into some guttural screams that will shake you to your bones. Those synth tones are there right to the end, with their rich and glossy gothic tones that add a kind of black velvet that lies beneath the harsh and brutal instrumentation and agonised vocals that convey such a depth of emotion and angst. As the final notes of Science (cruci) Fiction draw the record to its conclusion, there is a sense of being somewhat emotionally spent, having spent time with something epic, explorational, and beyond your darkest dreams.

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