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March to May – The Water’s Edge

Seattle based folk duo March to May’s albumĀ The Water’s Edge carefully balances classic styles with a modern twist.

March to May 1Opening with ‘The Monk and the Lover’, the music immediately establishes itself as wide, emotional, and wistful, and this feel certainly remains throughout the album. ‘Falling Down’ picks up the tempo ever so slightly, leaning towards tones of Bon Iver a little, and the gentle percussive taps add a sense of momentum to the music that gives the listener as sense of direction and purpose. ‘Count The Days’ takes things one step further, with a more energetic drum section that provides a backbone for the track, while the instrumentation continues to be creative and expressive, taking cues from classic Fleetwood Mac tones. ‘Georgia’ is a high point on the album, with its delicate lead female vocal and soaring chorus, it’s certainly on of the tracks that is most likely to stay in your head after listening through. ‘Embers’ employs some warm strings which add a huge depth of tone to the track, painting a picture of late nights and open fires, while ‘Crazy Universe’ draws the album to a close in the same gentle style that it opened with. For folk fans, this is certainly worth some investigation.

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