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Marchan Noelle – The Witching Hour

‘Take You Down’ sets off Marchan Noelle’s The Witching Hour with confidence, her voice and acoustic guitar balanced perfectly and performing as the perfect team.

artworks-000095100102-jari8y-t500x500Noelle’s voice is rich and dynamic, moving between the sounds of Amy Winehouse and Adelle, unafraid of reaching for plenty of power notes. ‘Pity The Fool’ adds a hint of fun to things, with expressive guitar plucks and strums, with an intoxicating vocal that really draws the listener in like a moth to a flame. There’s no ignoring the songwriting skills of Marchan Noelle – The Witching Hour is packed full of mature tunes, all backed up by her vocal abilities. There is a depth and seriousness across the album, with ‘Mystery Man’ showing a depth and heaviness that allows Noelle’s vocal tone to soar and swell, and ‘Oblivious’ showcases some proficient guitar work that makes for some truly entrancing listening. At first glance, The Witching Hour might seem an incredibly simple set of songs, but look a little further and you’ll find that Marchan Noelle’s music has great depth to it, richly written and excellently performed.

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