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Mark Cutino – Halo Rainbow

Mark Cutino’s track ‘Halo Rainbow’ is moody and dark, yet laced with the glimmer of hope and possibilities.


Credit: Corrine Klug

In his own words,

the scene is it’s a dark and stormy night near the coast and the water and two platoons are about to confront each other and then this piano with nobody behind it starts playing

The piano work is expressive and wistful, and what makes the track so intriguing is the way the other sounds are brought into the mix: the roll of the thunder, the crackle of the army radio and the chatter that goes on over it, the tinkling of wind chimes that suggest the slightest movement of air. ‘Halo Rainbow’ is overflowing with melancholy, the tone of the piano so distant and alone that it evokes so many images and plays on the senses in ways that shift and change as the song progresses. As the music draws towards its inevitable close, it feels as though this might in fact be the last time any human being will hear the sound of a piano.

Mark Cutino’s style is enigmatic and playful, never flashy or showy, but with a sense of pleasure and enjoyment, which is always a good thing when it comes to instrumental music

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