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Marshall Dane – One Of These Days

Opening with ‘Take You Home To Mama’, Marshall Dane’s style is immediately set and established as fun infused country rock.

Marshall Dane One of These DaysThe first track on One Of These Days is packed full of subtle innuendo, with its allusions to letting the horses out of the barn while mom’s not around. It’s all done in a remarkably sweet and enjoyable way. After the originality of the opening song, ‘I’ll Be Your Whiskey’ feels somewhat generic in contrast. It’s certainly a listenable, radio friendly track, but to me at least feels more like middle of the road country rock by numbers. ‘Stay Up Late’ brings in some upbeat fun feeling, with its catchy chorus and gorgeous instrumentation, while ‘Not Today’ is by contrast a lot more laid back, at times with a similar tempo and vibe to the classic ‘Back For Good’. Title track ‘One Of These Days’ manages to feature an explosively expressive chorus that makes for a chewy centre point on the album, while the big surprise is found on ‘Living It Up’ with its dynamic arrangement and side-swiping vocals on the chorus, making it a real highlight on the album. ‘Alcohol Abuse’ is altogether smoky, bluesy, and throwing a wink sideways to the listener as the track tumbles through its heady journey of fiddle laced country blues. All in all, One Of These Days is a consistent collection of tracks that any cowboy boot fan is going to dig.

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