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Marty McKay – Broken Wings

Marty McKay is back with more of his trademark rap-rock fusion, this time with his own reworking of Mr. Mister’s classic track “Broken Wings.”

Approaching things in an entirely different way, Marty McKay has brought a totally fresh feel here, peppering the track with his tendency towards religious and biblical imagery. It opens in a way that grabs attention right away, kicking off with the sung chorus with no fear whatsoever, and leading perfectly into McKay’s rap. His words are sharp and his flow is typically staccato in that classic nu metal style, making this the kind of song that wouldn’t be out of place on a mid era Linkin Park record. The sense on intention and expression is strong – McKay doesn’t do things by halves and even got himself in trouble with the authorities during a guerilla marketing stunt. It’s that kind of commitment that makes an artist’s music and message stand out, and here we have an example of an artist who is willing to push boundaries to be as committed to his craft as possible. As he is now at work recording his next album, “Broken Wings” serves as a good placeholder while we anticipate his next set of material.

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