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Matthew Azrieli – Chloe

With a unique blend of indie rock and folk nostagia, Matthew Azrieli’s Chloe throws in a joyous piano and an anthemic trumpet to get your ears paying attention to these original tunes.

artworks-000108530205-zleotm-t500x500‘Condoms and Razorblades’ kicks the EP off with a fun wistfulness, its sleepy piano chords ringing out over the scattered drum hits. Azrieli’s vocal delivers sleepy and relaxed words that are as intriguing as they are restful. Despite the seeming fragility at the tracks start, things really start to build up to a strong climax that finally pulls things back to a place of reflection. ‘Mockingbird’ keeps going in the same vibe, all laid back and comfortable. There are nods towards Ryan Adams and Bob Dylan in Matthew Azrieli’s voice, which never grates but feels friendly and as familiar as an old friend. While you might expect the title track ‘Chloe’ to be all schmaltzy and saccharine (named and dedicated to the artist’s girlfriend), there is a strength and substance that lies beneath. It’s on the chorus in particular where the guts, backbone, and soul of the song really step forward to show themselves. ‘Baby It’s Hard’ pulls out all the stops with its Motown sixties throwback vibe, while ‘Pass Us By’ is a smouldering acoustic number that makes for the perfect campfire song. Chloe draws to its end with ‘Where Are You Tonight?’, drenched in melancholy and kept on its feet with Aaron Dolman’s insistent drumming. Azrieli’s voice really comes into its own here, soaring at times with majestic high notes that create an engrossing melody.


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