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Maximum High – EP

Greece based Maximum High’s new EP arrives filled with high energy riffs and self-assured all out rock and roll. Kicking off with ‘Long Ago’, the opening guitar tone has shades of The Hives, but it’s when Irene Dimopoulou’s distinctive vocal kicks in that it becomes apparent that there’s something a bit special here. Her voice has a great tone that manages to take on a variety of styles that mashes together and indie rock sound with a soulful, bluesy twist.

mh_website-500x326‘Don’t Let Me Down’ features some breathtaking guitar riffs, laying down a foundation for the track’s gritty vibe. As the song unfolds, there are all kinds of reference points, with nods towards the groove of Queens Of The Stone Age and the sass of Blondie. Alternatively, ‘Control My Love’ uses a tremolo drenched guitar that would not be out of place on the soundtrack of a Quentin Tarantino film. It’s a fascinating track that draws the listener in, inviting them to pay close attention to all the different elements that can be found by digging a little deeper.

And so, it is concluding track ‘Stay’ that leaps up and announces: this is what Maximum High sounds like. The roaring bass rumbles underneath, the guitars splutter and squeal, and those thrilling female vocals dance atop it all to create an alt.rock anthem that ends up being utterly irresistible.


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