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Meena Kaye – It’s My Mind

Another enigma arises. Like Gaga’s self created character, the mystery of Lana Del Rey, and the faceless bob of Sia, Meena Kay surfaces with the same unknown quality that adds a sense of the unknown to the drama of her music. By holding back in revealing too much of herself, the sound she sets out to produce becomes singularly outspoken, with distinctive vowel sounds from Finnish singer Maria Mondo that weave together memories of classic soul with more contemporary alt rock. Think Broken Social Scene fronted by Macy Gray, and you’re getting somewhere. With its brittle, lonely piano notes, ‘It’s My Mind’ echoes out with a longing and a loneliness. Bright guitar notes punctuate and lock into the song’s rhythm, allowing the track to rise and fall, giving a sense of drama and choreography. In a flash of perfection, it all comes in at just over three minutes which is ideal, leaving the listener with the sense that everything that needed to be said has been, and then we are left hanging on, wanting more. That’s exactly the kind of song that gets a repeat listen as soon as it has finished, and it’s also and indicator of something special.

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