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Meshach Abednego – Born In The USA

Meshach Abednego’s ‘Born In The USA’ is a cover like no other. Prepare for a surprise.

Screen Shot 2015-10-08 at 12.01.05As far as covers go, this is not exactly what you might expect. Instead of a plain old rock rendition of the Springsteen classic, we are thrown headlong into a stripped back, bluesy folk sound that feels as though it has been put together in a single take. The track oozes authenticity in a way that is so often not found, particularly when so many more obscure artists end up trying just so darn hard to be unusual or interesting for the sake of being noticed. As a result, Meshach Abednego (but no Shadrach?) creates an old timey feel that stands out as a performance underpinned with real clarity and intention. It’s impossible to not notice the blues roots and spiritual references in the sound, which makes the music all the more intoxicating. While it is delivered in an altogether different way to the original, this version of ‘Born In The USA’ makes just as much of an impression as the original for a whole new set of reasons. For some unassuming, tightly wound gospel blues that will amaze your ears, this is what you need to be listening to.

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