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Michael Mason – Snooze Button

Kicking off with ‘Lullaby’, Snooze Button gives a real ease in to the EPs dancefloor satisfying tunes.

michael mason snooze buttonThe first track is aptly named, with its cutesy music box sample that chimes along while the track unpacks itself. The drums are snappy, with a breakbeat snare eventually joining in, and the throbbing synth swells are as engaging as they are relaxing. ‘Night Terror’ shifts direction slightly, with parping brass tones that evoke thoughts of car horns while walking home late at night through the fluorescently lit city.

epic throbs that will really get things pumping

‘R.E.M.’ bears little resemblance to the now defunct Georgia based rock outfit, and when it really gets going there are shades of the manic energy found on Rustie’s first record, Glass Swords. It’s a track that manages to pack a whole lot into its three and a half minutes, with some dubstep swooshes along the way and some epic throbs that will really get things pumping.

Four tracks, all fresh, all fun

Title track ‘Snooze Button’ starts off in the same cute fashion as the opening ‘Lullaby’, albeit with a slightly more invasive repetitive tone that eventually gives way for some big, broad synth soundscapes that unfold, inviting the listener to come explore its vastness. Four tracks, all fresh, all fun, and well worth investigating when the EP is released for free on November 24th.

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