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Michael Wien – Road To Elysium

Epic pop rock is Michael Wien’s weapon of choice. Take a step on the Road To Elysium and enjoy the journey.

3728021‘Serenity’ swirls and grooves with a moody vibe, channeling old school tones of Green Day, U2, and One Republic, and presenting it with a fresh, modern sound. The guitars shimmer, the rave organs honk, and it all contributes to an absolutely epic chorus. With its sultry piano let rhythm, ‘Do You Know’ absolutely smoulders, with Michael Wien’s falsetto vocal causing the chorus to soar with hope and expectation. Sarah Cagianese’s guest vocals and breathy and evocative, adding an additional feminine texture to the mix. ‘In The Night’ throws in some blue notes into the melody alongside the dark bells that are reminiscent of Eminem’s ‘Cleaning Out My Closet’. The pull backs that let the drums speak out are effective in punctuating the song, adding a strong dynamic. And if you’re looking for an anthem, it’s right there on ‘Champion’, a confident groove that plants its hook well and truly in your mind. Road To Elysium is packed with strong melodies, catchy hooks, and it’s all wrapped up in some great performances, all polished up with Chris Lord Alge’s expertise in the EP’s mixing duties.

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