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Mistah Meech – You Can’t Stop The Groove

From start to finish, You Can’t Stop The Groove is a high octane barrage of hectic beats.

Fa2654525394_10rom its opening notes, title track ‘You Can’t Stop The Groove’ is aptly titled – the sheer momentum of the music hurtles along at an intense pace which feels like an almost unstoppable force. The album passes through some old faithful EDM tropes – plenty of huge vocal samples and rave organs which blare out at such a level you can almost see the glow sticks. ‘Shake Your Body’ is pure euphoria, its glacial synth notes shimmering beneath a Ministry Of Sound-esque female lead vocal, while ‘Happy Pill’ is all psychedelic wobbles and tripped out chopped vocals.

Where Mistah Meech excels is in his willingness to throw in such a wide variety of sounds and tones into his music, all the while moulding it into his own unique, intense, and often frenetic style. ‘Get Ready, Let’s Go’ features a remarkable blend of cute 8 bit, glitchy notes alongside a ferocious and throbbing bass wobble that tears up the speakers at the far left and right hand sides.

For all the craziness, there are moments of respite to be found, notably on the smooth, smoking lounge of ‘Feel The Pressure’, and album closer ‘Wasting My Tears’, which serve very well as comedown tracks.

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