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Mr P Chill – Persistence


Hip-Hop albums these days are a bit like websites in the late nineties – everyone’s made one but what makes them worthy of attention? In the case of pre-millennial Geocities pages, people used to clog them up with animated GIFs, while today’s hip-hop is often littered with dodgy samples and bad rhymes.

So, what to say about Mr P Chill’s latest release, Persistence? From the start, it’s clear there’s a desire to be received as a man of integrity, starting things of with an intro track that sets the scene by explaining in no uncertain terms that persistence is key to the theme of the album. MPC has been at it for a good 20 years, and there’s something to be admired about any musician that keeps going for the sake of their art.

The album is something of a slow burner – ‘Tonight’s The Night’ is the third track of seventeen, and is the first one to really kick in with a strong groove and provocative lyrics that call out empty religion and calls for revolution.

‘Good Times’ features some eclectic production, with skewed, woozy organs and skittering beats. Mr P Chill’s style is at times like Will Smith – free and easy with a sense of fun while incorporating a message at the same time.

A more eastern vibe washes all over ‘Find Our Way Home’, with curious backing vocals underlying the relentless raps, while ‘Thunder Clap’ brings a darker tone that continues to echo the earlier revolutionary ideas.

Ending the album on it’s first single, ‘The Good Life’, it’s given a hopeful and uplifting conclusion. With clean funk guitars and synth strings carrying the backing track, its a free and easy track with a healthy dose of vinyl crackle that adds warmth.

For some fresh jams, check out Persistence by Mr P Chill, released 3rd June 2014.

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