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Mr P Chill – Still Standing

Mr P Chill is back with his latest collection of tracks, Still Standing.

Screen Shot 2015-08-10 at 12.28.09Kicking off with the title track, ‘Still Standing’ leaps out of the speakers with confidence, Chill himself establishing the years he has spent honing his craft and dismissing those who might be in the game for the wrong reasons. His own distinctive flow works as a testimony for those who keep on going despite whatever challenges might be faced throughout life. The bottom line is it’s important to follow your dreams and hold on tho what you believe. ‘You Got Me’ features a sparkly female vocal sample that gives Chill’s rap a vintage feel with some real old school vibes, while ‘No Regrets’ honks out some wild synth tones and snappy guitar tones. Mr P Chill’s flow is slick and fast, with a richness to his vocal tone, never staying in the same place but always moving and building a sense of momentum. Spyder-D appears to provide a guest appearance that adds some contrast and lifts the track just like a good pinch of seasoning does to a meal. ‘When Words Won’t Do’ goes more mid tempo, while at the same time the rap is just as forthright and relentless as it ever is. ‘Time Machine’ brings things down even more, with a deep sense of longing and melancholy running right through the tracks veins. As a track it looks through all those thoughts about what we might do if we could go back in time to say something to someone, see someone once again, or help to change outcomes for the better. In contrast, ‘Another Damn Crew Song’ lets it all hang out, referencing plenty of classic hip hop sounds, tropes and tones, while Mr P Chill brings in his friends to add to the mix, making the track really big, bold, and feeling like a love letter to friends and family. I & I makes use of some gorgeous instruments, with a deeply warm Rhodes and ideas drums that snap and crack underneath the rap as it moves effortlessly through the track, adding paragraph and punctuation to the music. ‘Criminal’ in contrast takes  dark and deep bass guitar throb that thunders and rumbles throughout the track while P Chill’s rap moves skilfully around those low end tones. Later some more treble end, glacial piano notes begin to appear, followed by a synth wash that adds to the ominous sound that runs throughout the track. The whole album features some great samples – the strings on ‘Veteran Status’ create a sense of class that runs underneath the rough and ragged rap, while ‘Spiritual Journey’ features some wide and swirling tones that add a sense of psychedelia. ‘You Got The Best Of Me’ keeps things very laid back, putting down a simple beat and bass line for Chill to take his time, allowing the track to unfold naturally and organically before he delivers his own strong and confident message using his distinctive style. The album concludes with a  reprise of the opening title track, which bookends things very well and helps to make the album feel well gathered together and a very complete recording.


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