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Mudpusher – Sacrilege

From its opening bone crunching guitars, ‘Sacrilege’ steps up with a depth and a confidence.

MudpusherWhile it could all too easily be metal by numbers, simply going through the motions like so many metal bands do, Stockholm based Mudpusher brings together a blend of female vocals with gutsy male screams. By the track’s midpoint in particular, the guttural screams are deep and dark, with a tone that is fresh and impassioned. Released as a single, ‘Sacrilege’ is a short taster of what Mudpusher are capable of, and bears all the hallmarks of a band with the potential to pull off a weighty and engaging full album. Thankfully for now, the single is accompanied with another track, ‘World Destroyer’. It’s similarly frenetic, with splintering math-metal guitars, earthy screams that bristle and burn in the mix that are contrasted in texture by¬†Kimberly Nordqvist’s feminine yet brooding vocals. The track feels as though it is imploding under its own weight – in a good way – by the end, with the harmonics of the guitars and the kick drum pummeling away like a power supply going out of control, trying desperately to hold itself together but ultimately giving in to its inevitable demise.
Listen to ‘Sacrilege’ here

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