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My Secret Island – My Secret Island

My Secret Island

Drawing on sounds from classic nineties indie rock, My Secret Island kick out the jams in the style of Elastica and Smashing Pumpkins.

Awash with swirling phasers and distorted vocals, the latest eponomously titled album from My Secret Island is an exciting record that stands as a reminder of everything that was fun about mid-era britpop when it was going well. With vocals not unlike those previously recorded by Louise Wener of Sleeper, Justine Frischmann of Elastica, and Saffron of Republica.

The sheer variety of instrumentation and sounds on the record is remarkable – ‘Two Giants’ chugs along with spiralling drums and percussion that create a kaleidoscopic sensation in the midst of the rock aggression. The ‘Feel The Elements Version’ at the end of the album is worthy of note, with minor adjustments that cause the track to sound more like a mashup with Rihanna’s ‘Shut Up And Drive’.

‘Booom Booom Mary’ is a modern indie party anthem, with hot synths and pummelling beats that drag the track along almost against its will. The guitars are tight and crunchy, with riffs that demand attention in the right places, supporting the rest of the track at other points.

The cover of Baby Woodrose’s psychedelic ‘Dandelion’ is a cleverly created track, reinventing it by translating its basic elements into a spiky piece of punk rock. ‘Evil Fire’ is more eyes-on-the-road crazy, with its hook running throughout and breaking up on occasion. The lyrics are suitably bonkers,
“I’m ready, I’m ready / You are no angel, you are no angel, you are no angel / Neither am I!”

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