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N Wolex – No Regrets


Haunting, curious, and strangely warming. Nicholas Wolex’s recent release If You Had/No Regrets is an oddity amongst the vast array of music that vies for our attention these days.

‘No Regrets’ is humble, unassuming in its approach, and it comes off all the better for it. With a chilling melody and harmony that hugs the piano notes closely. Add to the track a sprinkling of almost harpsichord like tones, with some diva wails, it comes across as a modern lullaby, soothing and solipsistic. It must be said that at points the music veers into show-tune territory, but in the main it holds itself together and maintains itself as a confident piece in itself, firmly founded in its composition.

There’s beauty, strength, wonder, and passion to be found in ‘No Regrets’, be sure to give it a spin and be serenaded by the rich tones.

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