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NatStar – Anatymous

NatStar’s Anatymous is a dark and brooding arrival, which comes at the right time – if 2016 ever needed wrapping up with some growling hip-hop stylings, it’s all served up right here.

f4bba352709cdf0fed9477427f3532f8Opening with the album’s title track, ‘Anatymous’ floats through a variety of styles, first offering a dark tone which gives way to a more pop-influenced chunk of auto-tuned vocal which blends some R&B into the scene. ‘Roulette’ shakes things up and takes them to the next level, with guest vocals from Enessa, it’s a hyper-real tune that flashes and sparkles like a neon vision of the future. There are some real moments of hope and joy to be found along the way, too – ‘2Kold’ has a hectic craziness to it that has an infectious euphoria, with a vocal that flutters over the track with a distinctive style. Other tracks, like ‘Dagga’, offer a more laid back feel, slightly slumped back and chilled out, with a more delicate snare that keeps the rhythm in place without hurrying things along too fast.

NatStar’s rhymes remain tight throughout the record, with a flow that gives a strong consistency and gives a coherence from beginning to end, giving the listener a true sonic journey with a real sense of narrative.

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