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Nellagy – Dreamer


With haunting, glacial pianos, a ripping bass synth, and uplifting electronic elements, ‘Dreamer’ by Nellagy is a new piece of hip hop that plays with all the expected parts of the genre and delivers music that plays with contrasts and emotion.

Songs about dreams and goals are two a penny. It’s one thing for someone to sing or rap about the things that they long for or the goals that they have, but the challenge is always to make your listeners feel something – to emote and empathise with the aims that are being communicated. “Turn your fantasy into reality” we are told, rapping about coming from “humble beginnings” and having “goals of success”. The pitch is pretty straightforward, “gotta have drive, keep your hand on the wheel, stay along for the ride.”

The overall tone of the track is laid back, woozy, and leading towards more of an R&B vibe, with its female backing vocals sitting in the mix as a strong support, and the main rap often leaning towards Kanye it its feel, but with a sense of seriousness to it.

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