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Neonomora – Be Still, My Soul

Fusing together a range of genres including folk, electronica, and hints of gothic rock, Neonomora’s eerie ‘Be Still, My Soul’ is the kind of song that will pass through your very being like a sonic phantom.

artworks-000193612282-z1l7h2-t500x500From the off, there are clear leanings towards Kate Bush and Bat For Lashes, even touching on the impeccable production values of Jessie Ware. The song manages to take the listener on a beautiful journey that starts off with long, lingering, glacial piano chords, eventually building up with huge, crashing snare beats and pulsing synth throbs that act like a heartbeat in the background.

At the end of 2016, a year that has been littered with bad news, ‘Be Still My Soul’ is like a salve to bring relief to many weary hearts. While Neonomora is predominately based in Indonesia, her sound deserves to be heard wide and far, and this latest offering, while arriving late in the year, immediately leaps ahead into the rankings to be considered as on of the top tracks of 2016. She’s certainly one to watch out for and here at Crossradar we eagerly anticipate her upcoming album which, in her own words, aims to be “heard, felt and seen completely bare and truthful.”

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