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Nic Nassuet – How The Gods Kill

Nic Nausset’s ‘How The Gods Kill’ blends an eerie gothic darkness with flashes of folk majesty, his own acoustic style forging a rich tone that is captivating and mysterious.

a1660461035_10At face value, there is such a simplicity to the song that it might all to easily be overlooked. The attention to detail is where this track really comes alive, with its understated but soaring strings, and sparkling acoustic guitar that never overwhelms the mix but firmly holds things together throughout. The gothic references are strong, with a deep tone that nods to drop-tuned metal riffs, while the lightness of the strings keeps the song consistently lifted, in an almost dreamlike state.

Looking at it from a more indie perspective, there are even shades of Bon Iver’s early work – sans the falsetto. Nassuet’s voice is rich and confident, certainly on the softer side with a celtic feel to it. It’s always fascinating when music manages to walk the line between light and dark on a tonal level rather than using the loud and harsh music/joyful uplifting vocal dichotomy, and right here we have a track that deftly creates a vivid mood that carries tension and fragility.

‘How The Gods Kill’ is the first single from the album┬áTorment – An Acoustic Tribute to Danzig.

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