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Nick Driver – My Way Is The Right Way

Get set for the summer with Nick Driver’s latest track, an upbeat slice of positive groove.

iqbrfysoreWith an accompanying video that underlines the feel good factor of the song, there is so much about the song that is simple, and yet that becomes its real strength. The acoustic guitar adds a latin flavour to the track, as it builds towards an epic climax with gang vocals and joyous handclaps. There is a richness to the dynamics at work in the music, and from a production perspective, as we are led through different stages and layers which swell and recede, often pulling back altogether to allow one key feature to stand up and be noticed. The bottom line is that what we have here is a catchy piece pop that harnesses a simple chord sequence and channels that power to form a song that will lodge itself firmly in your mind. It’s summery, it’s super positive, and exactly the kind of song to raise your hopes for the best summer ever. Put this on for a spin, get into Nick Driver’s groove, and realise that when he says ‘My Way Is The Right Way’, it would be foolish to even consider arguing with him.

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