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Nikki Shae – Let Me Love You

From its opening bars, the title track on Nikki Shae’s Let Me Love You immediately establishes itself as self assured pop.

Nikki Shae - Let Me Love YouIt some ways it spends a lot of its time looking over its shoulder back to a time when Britney Spears ruled the airwaves and was nothing but a clean cut innocent. As a pop song, this eponymously titled opener is very much delivered as if it has been done by numbers, and in this case it’s no bad thing as music like this often needs to be made with precision. Nikki Shae’s voice is consistently strong and confident, with a vibrant country twang to be found on ‘Boots On’, giving an emotional performance as she sings about lost love in a way that country music alone can truly pull off. ‘Don’t Hide’ channels the classic strong female pop artists, with shades of Shania Twain to be found in Shae’s sultry vocal that maintains a sense of innocence at the same time. As a track, it takes  a little while to really get going, but once the chorus has established itself it works well as a strong pop anthem. Taking things even further, ‘Favorite Hello’ similarly takes its time in building towards the chorus, but when it gets there, we are treated to a big helping of pop satisfaction. Even so, it’s a weaker point on the EP that doesn’t quite manage to make as much of an impact when compared to other songs on offer here. ‘I’m A Liar’ dials things down a little for a more reflective moment, with gentle piano that creates a powerful mood and unfurls as the track progresses. Some strong arpeggios are laced into the chorus, working in tandem with the guitar to create a powerful melodic backdrop for Nikki Shae’s uplifting vocals. Pulling things back into the big, power pop arena, ‘Like They Do In The Movies’ uses an undeniably classic pop style with moments that feel close to Carly Rae Jepsen, using strong romantic imagery to create a fairytale world that yearns for the ideal life filled with happy ever afters and joyful perfection. Yes, it’s a little bit cheesy, possibly ever so slightly overdoing it on the added sugar, but that’s what makes music in this genre so appealing – or not or course, if it’s the kind of thing that you can’t stand. But if you’re that person, this simply isn’t for you. Move along. Let Me Love You wraps things up with the oh so slightly melancholic ‘How My Tears Taste’, seasoned with some celtic violins that add a folk feel to Nikki Shae’s country infused pop. As a closing song, it’s ideal with its soaring moments that lift us to the perfect point, with moments that remind the listener of the strongest moments that have been found on the tracks on offer here. Fans of clean cut female fronted pop are unlikely to be disappointed with Nikki Shae’s Let Me Love You, with plenty of strong hooks, soaring choruses, and a strong voice to boot.


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