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No Audible Dialogue – Cinematique

With its moody and melancholic opening chords, Cinematique‘s first track ‘A Sense Of…’ immediately grabs the attention of the listener with its warm swells and soaring strings that shift from left to right and create a sonic comfort blanket.

Isaac Frog And BeardIt’s the ideal way for the album to establish itself, giving a comforting sense of what might might be coming up next, and the track itself manages to not only work well as an introduction, but also carries its own narrative with it – one of journeying, travelling, heading towards a clear goal with a strong sense of determination. After those three short minutes are over, we’re moving straight into ‘Through Tragedy’, a brooding and bristling track that begins with its warm brass swells that provide a depth and a foundation for the higher melody to sit atop. There are shades of Clint Mansell to be found here, but with a stronger sense of hope as the track progresses, before finally fading out to a close in a way that feels like a heartbeat finally coming to an end. ‘Through The Fire’ keeps the drama going, with its lonely opening horn that is reminiscent of a distant  boat at sea. The strings begin to move in to place, swelling and soaring, like a flock of birds swirling in the skies and creating a kind of musical rendition of a starlings murmuration that shifts and changes before we get the chance for it to settle into any one specific shape.

insistence and defiance continues to run through the album as though the concept is a very part of its DNA

Jabril GuitarYet again, the insistence and defiance continues to run through the album as though the concept is a very part of its DNA, with its shifting chords and notes that are often unexpected, suddenly changing direction at the moment you feel you have been led in another direction. The sense of defiance becomes solidified in the track that is so aptly titled – ‘Defiance’ stands tall and strong, almost monumentally in a way that tells all around ‘this is who I am, you need to pay attention now’. It’s a track that stands out on the album as being that bit more different, with its arpeggios and melodies that wander and swirl in different directions. The instrumentation feels free and able to be expressive, all the while being firmly anchored with its deep bass notes that create a depth, weight, and gravity to the song’s construction. ‘The World Below’ moves in an altogether more curious direction, with its synth choir voices that call and cry out with an almost religious feel. It’s as though, at times, we could have stumbled into a cathedral or monastery. There’s an intimate feeling here which again helps the track to stand out on the album as unique, while sitting firmly part of the rest of the music. Cinematique comes to its conclusion with ‘Now That You’re Here’, with its thin, wistful strings that play out their melancholy filled melody. As we find ourselves at the end of this journey, it’s possible to look back and reflect on where we have come from, what we have passed through, and consider where we have been brought to. As the final piano notes play, it’s a restful place of peace we have been led to, and the album comes to its end with a full sense of satisfaction.

Cinamatique is available on Bandcamp HERE


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