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On The Water – Cordelia

Bristling with hipness and attitude, On The Water’s latest release Cordelia is like receiving a barrel filled with rootsy, all american alt folk.

On the Water

Passing through tracks like ‘Varsity’, there’s a guttural and pained aspect to the vocals that draw in the listener, while the guitar work crackles like a warm fire. You’d be forgiven for detecting hints of early Pavement and traces of Tom Waits are sure to be found here as well. The sheer loneliness that pervades ‘Gatekeeper’ is almost painful at the start of the track, with bass notes that throb like a tension headache, while the harmonica heralds the moment when On The Water’s music truly comes unlatched, showing itself in its full glory. How music can be so slow and yet so full and busy seems to be a mystery. Title track ‘Cordelia’ moves in a solid folk direction, making use of strings that soar and cause the listener to ache ever so slightly, while the female backing vocals create a blissful melancholy that will have you desperate for a second listen. If you like your music up front and unambiguous, then perhaps this isn’t for you. If however you are looking for something to invest some time and attention to, then you need to give Cordelia a try.

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