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Once More, Autumn – Once More, Autumn

Sometimes music has the ability to create imagery that comes as a pleasant surprise and/or a shock. Once More, Autumn very much falls into that category.

Once More, AutumnTaking cues from the school of Bon Iver and Will Oldham, Once More, Autumn’s eponymous record is curiously glacial while at the same time managing to sound thoroughly woody, organic, and alive at the deepest level. The album’s opening track, similarly eponymously titled, feels like wandering through a misty forest where we pass through the trees while taking the time to enjoy the rich colours of the fallen leaves. ‘Foals’ brings in more dread filled tones, and yet the entire aesthetic that Once More, Autumn creates means that it never actually feels threatening. It’s more like the sensation of being a two year old once again and being hosted on to the shoulders of a parent – it feels strange, yet exhilarating and somehow safe. These are songs that offer the time to let the notes ring out and be heard on their own terms, with such attention to detail on the textures that flicker and rumble in the background. Its construction is intricate, and the heart that beats throughout Once More, Autumn makes for some of the most touching and rewarding listening.

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