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One Way Ride – Put Me On

From its blustering first notes, One Way Ride hurtles into place to get their own sound into your ears.

One Way Ride - Put Me OnOpening track ‘Devil Eyes’ is filled with smoky bravado – squealing bluesy guitars and sassy vocals that work together to create an exciting tone that could very easily inspire you to jump in the car and head off on some heady escapades. ‘Lie To Me’ holds on to the same burnt out guitar sound that is fuzzed out and overdriven, while ‘Waiting’ pulls things back a notch, with its lazy acoustic guitar that creates the sensation of being part of a friendly singalong. Certainly, that’s a running thread throughout the album – the sense of friendship, the kind of music made by people who are doing it for the love of it and enjoying every moment. There’s a sense of fun that remains present throughout the tracks presented onĀ Put Me On, be it on those more laid back tracks, the fast paced barrage of ‘1100’, or the mid-tempo momentum of ‘All I Have To Give’. Just like all music, One Way Ride sits within their own particular genre, and as such their music is most likely to appeal to fans of dirty southern rock, country influenced Americana, and good old fashion bluesy rock and roll. Plug in and take these guys for a spin.

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