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OnPlanetZu – Adventures Of Yo Mama


In a time where dubstep is absolutely everywhere, the slightest bit of originality goes a long way. Thankfully, OnPlanetZu bring a wide range of styles and influences to make their own brand of dubstep that bit more interesting.

‘Speakers’ tears things up from the start, exclaiming “My music’s much harder than yours”. Despite the claims, there’s surprisingly little to be found in the bottom end, although this makes ‘Speakers’ the ideal track to annoy people of the bus by playing it on a mobile phone, and that’s generally the target audience, right?

‘My Style Be Tha Worst’ features all the bleeps and bloops that you would expect to find. There’s a rock feel to elements of the track, with fun extra vocalisations throughout which step forward on the chorus, until the central breakdown comes in, encouraging the listener to jerk their necks…

Adventures Of Yo Mama has plenty of interesting elements – see the 2-step on ‘Stop Whatcha Doin’ – but for all the claims of dubstep bass, as previously mentioned there’s a distinct lack of bottom end which is baffling on a record that should absolutely rattle the bones. That said, there’s a cleanness to the mix that is to be commended that makes the album particularly listenable, although some purists might be more demanding.

Vocally it’s all good fun, with a strong sense of humour – see ‘Anything Can Happen’, with its spiky vocal stylings and manipulations, and ‘Never Heard Of Us’, a great sentiment when OnPlanetZu is still getting established.

All things considered, OnPlanetZu has produced some truly interesting tunes on Adventures Of Yo Mama, blending classic hip-hop and dubstep with some edgy and experimental electronic elements.

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