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Overstat – You Ain’t No Hipster

Opening with the laid back slacker house of ‘Just Getting Started’, You Ain’t No Hipster starts things off with a curiously trip hop style vibe.

61DnQUgyy+L._SL500_AA280_Painting a picture of nightclub dance floors filled with people desperate to shake off the shackles and trappings of the working week, it’s a snappy and appropriate kick off for the record. ‘Then We Gon Get Drunk’ shifts more into the direction of LMFAO, Crystal Castles and even a slight nod to the Black Eyed Peas’ ‘I Gotta Feeling’, while ‘Why Are You Following Me’ shifts itself seamlessly into the mix, with its creepy vocal lines and honking house bass. ‘FREAK’ heads in a more blissed out, euphoric direction, with its washed out bass, barking male vocal and smouldering female vocal lines that add real electricity to the track. Similarly, instrumental track ‘Ocean Watching” uses some delicate tones from piano and yowling, whale like bending notes. The mid point of the album chooses to eschew vocals in favour of more intense and playful experimental tracks that feature chiptune tones and all kinds of weird and wonderful noises, until the final moments of ‘If I See You Tonight’, with its eerie reversed and tremolo enhanced singing that bring a weird ambience to the track. Drawing to its conclusion with the honking ‘Can’t You See’, You Ain’t No Hipster ends leaving the sensation that something strangely inventive has just passed through our ears.

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