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Patrick Ames – Mutually

With the ‘Mutually’ EP, Patrick Ames offers another helping of his own brand of unabashed singer songwriter ditties.

albumart_patrickames3_200x200Opening with a gritty twang, ‘Do You Think That You Love Me’ takes Patrick Ames’ trademark country tinged style and wraps it up in a feeling of college rock whimsy. ‘One Of Your Traps’ moves in a moodier direction, with a growling guitar part that paces back and forth over a steady drum groove, while Ames’ vocal meanders thoughtfully. ‘America Needs’ draws things back with a stripped down acoustic style, presented more as a campfire ballad than smoky pub rocker, which gives the listener the chance to pause and lean in to engage with Patric Ames’ songwriting in a ┬ámore intimate way. Title track ‘Mutually’ picks up again on the woozy, tremolo rinsed guitars that conjure up images of smoke filled rock bars with truckers and girls hanging around at the sides. It’s here that Ames’ vocal almost leans towards Randy Newman with a more nasal sneer, fitting perfectly with the piano and organ that reveal themselves as the track progresses. Closing with ‘You’ll Have To Wait A Little Longer’, we’re offered something a little more experimental – with a kind of trip-hop influenced beat and dark echoing notes that create an eerie ambience. As the track grows and develops, more instruments appear as though lights are turned on on the stage, until we are eventually presented with a Lynchian scene that brings ‘Mutually’ to a satisfying – albeit surreal – end.

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