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Paul Kremleff – Lounge For Intellectuals

Opening with spiky piano’s Paul Kremleff’s Lounge For Intellectuals immediately establishes itself as an album with a sense of humour.

Paul Kremleff - Lounge For Intellectuals'As Kremleff’s voice pitches in on the opening bars of ‘Tomorrow’, he shows hints of Randy Newman which are treated to tumbling ‘la la la’ echoes of his own backing vocals. Rhythmically, the track  is heads down, set on a path ahead, and the brass that enters the mix later creates a bright and sunny sense of positivity. ‘She Is So Fine’ has more of a Ben Folds feel to it in terms of the piano work, with the vocals twisting and turning around the guitars, while ‘Honey, I’m Home’ brings in more of the lounge element that the album’s title alludes to, with a smooth rhodes tone that is as evocative as it is tongue-in-cheek.

‘4 Minutes Of Contemplation’ is an even more laid back track, with washed out pads and strings, and a gentle world-music style percussion part, while ‘- & +’ is a fun disco number in the style of classic motown that at times sounds like it could have been a 90’s Spice Girls B-side. ‘Love Comes Suddenly’ continues with the electronic elements, with a cute synth melody line and watery echoes layered across the track as Paul Kremleff’s vocals are let loose, while ‘Baby, I Loved You’ pulls back into the woozy, sleepy lounge tones again. This time, the track leans towards a bluesy style that is laid back, easy going, and full of warmth.

Lounge For Intellectuals draws to a close with a more aggressive sound – ‘She’s Got The Reason’ is a distortion-peppered combination of disco-rock and soul-pop that is as beguiling as it is toe tapping. Full of creativity and fascinating ideas, Paul Kremleff’s latest album is really more ‘progressive lounge’ disguised as easy listening.

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