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Paula Tozer – Cain’s Regret

With a confident voice on show, Paula Tozer’s latest releaseĀ Cain’s Regret offers an effective insight into her own personal sound.

a3854599176_10‘This River Of My Tears’ ticks all the right boxes in terms of classic country music, with a snappy lead guitar and a swirling organ that adds a depth under the track like a comfort blanket. Cranking things up a notch, ‘Perdition’s Toll’ moves the tempo up a little with a solid bass line that is both fun and melancholic, with soaring strings that hold the country vibe together expertly. Paul Tozer’s style manages to balance a laid back and carefree attitude with a real attention to detail, which will no doubt appeal to many county music fans who know exactly what they are looking for. Title track ‘Cain’s Regret’ has a slightly old school feel to it, with hints of 80s nostalgia particularly on the chorus guitars, which adds to the overall melancholic tone found on the songs here. And let’s be honest, when it comes to country music that’s exactly the kind of thing we should be expected to be looking for. As such, Paula Tozer delivers the goods – honest, unassuming, and with a professionalism that isn’t always that easy to find.

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