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Pauline Frechette – A Quiet Walk In The Snow

Pauline Frechette - A Quiet Walk In The SnowThere are times when a piece of music comes along that is so perfectly titled in such a way that it not only prepares the listener in advance, but leads them confidently through its arrangement. That’s certainly the case with Pauline Frechette’s ‘A Quiet Walk In The Snow’, which is a beautiful moment of delicate classical music delivered with a cinematic quality. The interplay between strings and wind instruments create a glacial tone that imaginatively frames the imagery of slowly trekking through the driven snow on a cold winter’s day, with melancholic harmonies that add a sense of yearning and progress. The secret to the piece’s beauty is its unassuming nature, never forcing itself but allowing itself to be discovered, with the dialogue between instruments drawing the listener in to investigate the intricacies that lie within. Buried in the wistful tones is a sense of hope, like hidden treasure waiting to be found – exactly the kind of payoff that music in this genre often has to offer for those who are willing to take the time to look for it. David Campbell’s arrangement has a sensitivity to it which allows the composition to really shine, and being a relatively short piece, it’s the kind of music you’ll find you want to hear more than once to fully appreciate it.

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